It could be you

I will stroke your head
On my lap
I will admire your figured face
It made it through today.
It might not have,
But somehow my prayers were heard.
While mine was
Others weren't .
That woman over there,
Weeps for what's hers.
Stripped away from her by another of our own.
Tomorrow it might be me,
This would be a memory.
In your eyes, I see a future.
It might never come
Not because your maker calls for you,
But because of satisfactions of this world.
I can hear her weep.
I can feel my heart weep.
It might be you.
It could have been you.
It could be you.
Any day I could stand on grounds that shed your blood
See a body with Marks of war.
A war against a vulture stronger than you.
I can only teach you so much,
Pray so much,
Fight so much,
But, if they dont stop
They will finish us.
We will keep pulling up.
In their hands,
Someone will always weep,
Someone will always cry for help.
Do you stay on my lap?
With the world to see?
Do I keep you here so you die with me instead?
A peaceful death?
A death with no pain?
A death where I am the last you see?
Souls weaken every minute
A cry every mother has

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