It Could Happen to You

When this world that surrounds me, Stopped becoming fun,
The first thing that I would do, is turn around and run.
I would Run to the bar or the dope-man, to get myself a fix.
Thinking that was the Answer, to getting some more kick's.
Not a Care in this world, about what was wrong or right.
I was sleeping all-day and running all-night.
I ran on my understanding, I thought that I was cool,
Making the same mistakes and being a fool.
Not Compationate at all, about this life that I was given,
I was running with the dead, instead of the living.
Not Considering each line, each drink, each Jolt
Each pill or each Toke, I would inhale,
Was Leading me closer, and closer and closer to jail.
Then came that day, that I woke up in jail,
Locked up alone, in an 8 x 10 cell.
Forced to Reflect the scenes of my life,
Thinking about my kids and missing my wife.
Stripped of my freedom, which added more strife,
Because I lost sight of my focus and control of my life.
I was living to fill a Baggie, That I would call my stash,
Only to Become known, as societies trash.
Yeah, This is My Story and believe it because it's true,
It's What happened when I ran and it could happen to you.

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