It depends upon Us

Beauty lies within everything they say,
But appreciating it depends upon us.
Destiny is what shapes and molds our way,
But accepting it depends upon us.
Countless blessings gush forth from heaven,
But realizing them depends upon us.
Talents are filled in us like a bread with leaven,
But rising up with them depends upon us.
Humility is a cloak which all of us possess,
But donning it on ourselves depends upon us.
Anger and pride are present, be it more or less
But diluting their mixture depends upon us.
Time is presented over everyone's platter,
But utilizing it well depends upon us.
Whether there is sunshine or the rain's splatter,
Keeping calm in life's storms depends us.
Relationships are bound together with chains of love,
But respecting them depends upon us.
The world changes us into a snake or a peaceful dove,
But listening to our conscience depends upon us.
Shades change and so does life ,
Having sharp and blunt ends like the blade of a knife,
Seasons change and so do we,
Time flies by and we cannot see.
The pages of the book of life move away swiftly,
But making history depends upon us.

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