It gnaws, never withdraws

It's gnaws, seemingly never withdraws, it cuts, even through steel guts, a sign of life, that causes excruciating strife.

Furious in nature, even without personal danger, it comes in many forms and like countless storms, devastation is left in its wake. We ask why??? Not knowing its sake.

Who did I forsake? Myself, you, them and why must I feel this ripping rake? Physical, mental, spiritual vessels it will bake, each level of intensity too much to take. When will this nightmare end before I wake?

Restless mind keeps turning over and over this endless tortuous burning, ever yearning for that which refuses to leave no excuses nor true reason to grieve, except to suffer in solitude, the rawness of it felt fully as if nude.

No cure is pure, no pill can fulfill, to endure is the only way sure, still, Still, gnaws seemingly never withdraws.

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