It Happens When I Leave

She drinks to forget me
And believes that it's working
But her mind's been a serpent
And mine's been uncertain
That's a sure thing
That's the sure thing
She smokes to remember
And laughs at the memories
But gasps at the end of them
Different colors,
Same lasting flavor like an Eminem
She just ate ten of them
Tastes like medicine
She sleeps so she can dream
Of all the things we could be
And everywhere we would be
Doesn't move when she wakes up
Just smears up her makeup
She texts me and I don't respond
She's still holding on
She's still holding on
Thinking like
"It won't be long"
But it's been too long
This is just a poem, but it could be a sad song
This happens when I leave, and I happen to be gone

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