It Is

It waits in the dark, It waits in the light.
It is as comfortable in the panic of the day as it is in the silence of night.
It watches us all with an unwavering eye, completely oblivious to wrong or right.
No matter where you go it is always close by.
It has your hourglass at hand, it is an agent of time.
You cannot see it yet you can’t help but to visualize it in your mind.
It is poetic by nature, a whisper through the trees as well as a raindrop
traveling down the twists of an unraveling vine.
It is a shadow stuck to the wall, exposed only by the lights passing by.
There is no escaping it, though it is not pointless to try.
You can delay it with will though in the end it will win the fight.
Just know it’s nothing personal when it comes for your life.
Dread being left behind not the not the familiar stranger offering a ride.
Only it knows the destination, you can ask where you are going but you’ll get no reply.
It’s not one for conversation so be prepared for an awkward drive, It is what It is.

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