It is all an illusion

It is all an illusion
I sit here thinking of you, desiring you
Thinking of your luscious lips and how you make me move my hips
holding you is never old, it’s the way my story was once told
when I see you staying strong admitting when you are wrong
something inside me awakens and the fire ignites me
I feel warm and loved and all these feelings excite me.
I’m on top of the world and nothing and no one can change that, clack boom..... crashhhhhhhhhh
is the sound of happiness being merely a flash
I crash down reaching rock bottom
destroyed in a second reaching the land of sodom

Suddenly the love turns to pain
after all is said and done I will need a cane
to help me walk straight and not deal with your hate.
I will never again fall for your bait!
So good bye my love it’s time to move on
may you find what you’re seeking and treat her with love.

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