It is Finished.. So like I AM FINISHED
But not the same

The Race is not to the Swift Eagle, not the battle to the strong Lion, but time and Chance befall them all

I know a Man who craved an audience with death,

He went down with His foes when battles rage suicidal steps we must Avoid surely the is an end

Not Our's but of the Raging Storms

Guide your loins with Salvation say what is wise to say a word fitley spoken, is like an Apple in a Silver Painting not a snare but an escape

A General on the Mount, stood A Victory licensed in the assignment

Foreseeing even the end, From the Beginning to Seal the Generational Blessings

Seize faith proclaiming not Strength demonstration, A Strategy Tutoring energy

With the Voice of Accomplishment, the Shout of Confidence launched the dance of Testimony and Thanks plus giving Overflow

Engaging the floor in body language
The Wine of Victory is being Served pouring forth the Ointment of Appriecations...

No More Vinegar to remind of Bitterness, It Is Finished

Indeed better than... I AM FINISHED

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It Is Finished is Better than I Am Finished