It is from My Heart

It Is From My Heart

When I met you approximately 8 months ago I felt that it was all because answered prayers The connection that we had was so new. I was so excited to explore a new journey with you. We laughed and talked hour after hour. I was able to even hear personal situations about you. We laughed and laughed until the wee wee hours into the night and at times we almost woke up to the sunlight. We never murmured, complained or fuss because we were sharing time together( just the two of us)
I know that every day has not been totally smooth but you have been my bae, my baby, my love, my T and of course my Tonny too.
I also know that you have asked me a few times to be understanding and patient. I have done both on several occasion. I do not mean any harm, want to call strife or misunderstanding with us. I just want to be so close to you to show you that I truly care about me and you.I want to be your laughter, your strength and your calmness since I know each is needed for all your late work hours.
I apologize for putting myself in the situation whereas I feel I am being ignored, neglected or put on the back burner. Again I apologize- I think I am just ready to be close by you so I get a little sad and blue. It is nothing that I cannot control. I know we are meant to be because of how everything unfold.
I do not ever want to be viewed as selfish or impatient. I will continue to go on the journey filled with patience. My heart just yearns for you sometimes and when I feel that I do not have it fully it has caused me to whine. I know God will see us through. Just please forgive your bae for being sulky, whiny and pouty. I know you are a good man and you are mine. The wrong people have always come my way so I know in my heart you are truly Godsend. Please forgive me for not being understanding. Again I know that I have a good man. The tears are falling as I am typing my last line all because I know you are a great man. God has blessed us to be a blessing to one another so instead of me complaining about the time that we do not get I will have to embrace the time that is given, sacrificed and provided. You are my bae Ton and again I am sorry.

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