It Is Near

It is 12 am
And the darkness surrounds me
I hear the silence as the sleep
But the chaos in my head
I hear the footsteps
Not of the humans
But of something else
Something that is near
In The darkness it lurks, With the most lethal thing of all
Not a weapon, But my thoughts
It sits and waits
To show itself to me
When there is no one there
So I can believe it's lies
It crawls to me
At the foot of my bed
Not on me
But it crawls around the walls
It hisses the words you once said to me
The words the world put on me
To tag me as a cow
Ready to be killed
It prowls and howls
The way a wolf does
Ready to attack
In the darkness it does
But the creatures that lurk in the dark
Are the most lethal of all

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