It is the Table of the Lord

I sit as a guest
At a table not my own.
Though a comfortable discomfort
I am welcomed;
I am known.
I’m Home!

Those who dance adorned in splendor,
Those who sing the soul to render
One who did so gasp . . .
Humbly ready, now surrender.
And how the wine does flow;
Oh and how the wine does flow!

I sit as a guest
At a table not my own.
Sights unseen, the eyes astound
Sheer light caresses in the wind
His touch arouses that most hidden
He invites all who dine;
Come in.

Gowned august and robed as royal
Found without fault or blight
To dine in His presence with each other
Life tastes of sheer delight.

I sit as a guest
At a table not my own.
To reach, to take, so easy
The lavish feast I’m set before
Yet I sit in silence
By the host whose eyes now bore
Such warmth into my core

Hands extended though all striving ceased
Before this food that lay me bare
Free indeed
At His abundant fare

I see you though you see me not
All ye who long to dine
You eyes betray your real dis ease
Scream, “Invite me” . . .
As though that place were mine

Memory of this moment my thoughts
Stored on His mind
He speaks with silent voice
I hear with ears un seen
Reminded in His dear presence
We must all be invited
by the King
For I dine with others still
Not too different or alike
Guest gathered at His table
In this company we so delight

I sit as a guest
At a table not my own.
The journey is a long one
The path is muddied clear
I cannot invite you to join me
But I know the one you hear
Who speaks with voiced silence
You heed not though you know
That to dine as guest at his table
Means your pride you must swallow
Release is what’s required
To feast so lavishly yet rare
Surrender joy to He whose joy
Is magnified in this fine fare

I sit as a guest
At table not my own
This day we dine together
Here in this space of peace
Where heart, soul, mind and body
Taste freedom’s true release.

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