It Makes You Wonder Child

It kind of makes you wonder child, how much of this is pointless
Circles and circles around each other, not even like you'll see this
Diaries of a madman, that's what this is to me
I'm ok with no one, I'm blind but say I see
I'm navigating without any help, child, it's a confusing ocean
Sometimes I wish someone would save me, what a silly notion
I like to watch the happy people, I know that they'll all burn
I may already be dead child, this world it is my urn
Can you people really be so stupid, why can't any of you focus?
I'm just used to the fire now, life's too short to notice
That's how I know I'm shattered, truly truly broken
Because I know volumes child, but I'm too weak to make it spoken
I live behind glass everyday, close enough to touch
Oh but I want to be happy child, now isn't that too much?
I hear the whispers, I've opened a locked door
I see in pictures, things that were, aren't anymore
Isn't it nice at least, to have known being happy
If even for a moment, in retrospect that's kinda crappy
I should take what I deserve child, I'd take it all
Haven't you heard child, people are just so small
Once I had the power, to speak off my mind
Now I have the power, to look from the blinds
I'm seen and not heard now, that's really a shame
I've so much to offer, too bad they don't think the same.

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