It Must Be Amazing

it must be amazing...
loving someone with all you've got
and having them care for you just as equally

it must be amazing, building that bond that can never be broken
saying those three words that shall only be spoken
mutually and sincerely when two are in love dearly

It must be amazing, feeling safe and at peace
knowing that whatever you say, whatever wrong you do,
that person will always and forever be there to care for you
because you made a promise

it must be amazing
having children to come home to everyday
after a hard day at the workplace, you'll know everything's okay
when you arrive at the house, kiss your kids goodnight
you'll wrap your arms around them tight, and just smile.
because you know, you're all they have in the world
you're their everything, loving you more than anything
and nothing could ever take that away.

it must be amazing
having this, this eternal love and infinite bliss
having that someone who's yours...
yours and only yours.
To be there always and forever
to make your life amazing

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