it was a Thursday

it was a Thursday, the weather was dry-
a foggy day, with a cloudy sky.

i turned to my clock, "5:30 am"-
radio set to morning fm.

i washed my face and brushed my teeth-
got the corners and areas underneath.

got a bowl of cereal and a glass of chocolate milk-
so smooth and creamy, its like drinking silk.

it was a normal day, i set off for my run-
but that's when my problems shockingly begun.

i got the call and my body felt numb-
"your son was in an accident. we need you to come".

i rushed to the hospital, i ran a red light-
i would do anything for him, i needed to fight!

by the time i got there doctors declaimed him dead-
all i saw was a corpse laying in my son's hospital bed.

all the memorize flashed before my eyes-
he was too young.god, please hear my silent cries.

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