It’s a Hard Knock Life in Retail


It's a hard knock life in retail,
employees work hard every day,
but life is hard and knocks us down,
but we get back up anyway.

Working during a pandemic,
Customers are more rude,
they are frustrated,
every situation is cruel.

We are just as bad,
we are frustrated too,
we are tired,
we all have to deal with this, not just you.

People are dying,
doctors are lying,
some people are denying,
some people are just not buying.

People dislike the truth,
the truth hurts, not going to lie,
but are you really going to sit there,
and risk your own life?

Employees have no choice, but to work,
the world needs us now then ever,
because we are essential,
and we have so much potential.

Be strong is all we can do,
and I know we'll get through this too.

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