It’s a New Day

Born on a ten acre farm in Miami. “Just in time for dinner”, grandma would say. It’s a brand new day.

Raised with strict religion and no sparing of the rod. “Children living in bible times would have been stoned to death for talking back to their parents”, dad would relay. It’s a new day.

Nursing was my calling and never have I gone astray. Mom and grandma were pleased because they had a desire to heal people as well. I had a great aunt that was a psychic and faith healer. Mom said, “Her type of healing comes from the ruler of hell”. It’s a new day.

I was enslaved in an abusive marriage. I escaped the tyranny and divorced. Hooray! What more can I say? It’s freedom day.

I had two children; two opposites. Each gifted in their individual way; beautiful and handsome. Two self-sufficient adults; all nonsense aside. At times, I feel as though I might burst with pride. It’s a new day.

I have a grandson. He reminds me of his mother and looks like his dad. To my daughter I said, “How appropriate to be in labor on Labor Day”. Lately, my daughter calls him Brad. Mom said to my brother and me, “He’s smarter than you all were”. Okay mom, only because you’re eighty something and he’s my grandson; I defer. What a glorious day!

Mom’s in a nursing home, unfortunately, because I have to work. Children are grown and have ‘Loves’ of their own. I treasure my own company. Time to do it my way. I will learn, explore, and see new things. It’s a new day.

Deborah L. Kelley January 29, 2014

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