It’s a Shame

The sky burned like Iblis had prevailed over heaven,
Or perhaps, just me.
Scalding heat rises in my raspy voice wreaking of revulsion,
And still, I throw it at innocents.
Stepping on their spirits.
Mangling their dreams.
That's what the devil does, right?
But this...
It feels wrong, not me.
Overtaken by Lucifer in the frosty months of winter.
It's got to be wrong.
In fact the devil doesn't curse innocent people.
Please, don't judge me.
Anger and depression. Frustration, isolation, deception.
I can no longer see myself. I must be blind
One mustn't forget, perception is in fact reality
I'm done.
I'll set fire to my undesired thoughts.
A fly on the wall.
I'll hear you.
Just "Lauren" will no longer stay quiet.
Try me now.

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