It's Alright

novocaine discharged within my brain
they say "just breathe" to keep one sane
while spewing contempt that cloaks all veins
who am I to offer advise
while dwindling and drowning at the hands of my own vice
at the end of the rope, I hold on tight
it's only the glimmer of her small, magnificent light
it's alright, it's alright
just hold on one more day, I
stigma into strength
purpose of your pain
it's all so cliche when your mapping out your demise
saying goodbye to all you have loved
and all those you have despised
for the dark sea holds no discrimination
all are welcomed in the darkness of ones disillusioned preservation
entangled extractions of doubt injected to the soul
of who she was, or was supposed to be, raging war for all control
the time is over, its done the toll
at the end of the rope, at the last ray of light
leave it to the small, magnificent fight
your day is not done, you'll see the stars tonight
thank you my love, it's alright, we're alright

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