It’s At Hand

By Da Poet   

Clear as the writing on wall,
few things stay up forever, they fall.
These things I find,
are clear signs of the times;

Beautiful butterflies emerge from their cocoon,
were plentiful once through April, May, and June.
Bumble bees, wasp, yellow jackets fly free,
but these days tell me, how many do you see?

Mother earth immensely covered by the elixir of life,
slowly running dry causing unbelievable strife.
The sun scorching the planet with temperatures never seen before,
the changing of the seasons unclear, are you listening there’s more?

Old diseases making a come back thought we had them licked,
not to mention new one’s on the uprise causing death or many to be sick.
Follow the bouncing ball focused eyes need to watch,
be mindful of your surroundings or prepare to be lost.

Home bread terrorism climbing by the score,
as if we didn’t have enough problems with our enemies next door?
Many don’t trust law enforcement to serve and protect,
after what we’ve seen lately, I’ll take my chances without regrets.

Life is still life,
however, not as great as before,
but just keep on living,
hoping, praying for better and hoping for more.

The time is at hand so don’t fall asleep,
or you’ll miss your opportunity to escape defeat.
Keep watching and waiting looking to restore,
don’t miss your opportunity when HE opens the door.

This is not a sitcom or movie,
no time to be weak,
this time it’s for real so don’t fall asleep!


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