It\’s been coming

And when it comes ruining another start
This destination we're thrown upon
Ripping you down and tearing us apart
Wherever we end up listen to your heart

Strewn across a sacred land
Be who you are and know who you've become
A lost journeyman sometimes needs a hand
Because your selfishness, he can understand

Drowning in ideas as laying down to sleep
Resisting a relentless cause
As those little thoughts and my heart meet
Are a reason I can still stand on my two feet

You've broken in to help you make
Something you couldnt find
I've forgiven you, I'm yours to forsake
Dont hold onto a belief that's fake

It's not coming
Dont take a second look
It's been coming
A price I'll pay for all you took

Love hurt enough to resist myself
Dying alone is sickening too
Those little pieces I am, that you've never felt
I see you now, you forget yourself

Giving into those falling tears
After each one ran down my face
Standing up to all those fears
I can finally see the light after all these years

If you could have seen
My feelings I'd share
If I could have shown
That pain I couldnt repair

It came today
Brand new
I've come a way
Find what's true...

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