It’s Going to Be Okay

She doesn't know how it goes when the lights turn down low
But she knows how it goes when the spotlight is turned
in her direction
Anything but perfection
The complexion of her face is filled with perplexity
and curiosity, I wonder if she's ever felt like me
She seems so untouchable and it almost makes me uncomfortable
Knowing that people idolize her and
make themselves believe she's some sort of God
But in her mind she's made out to be this odd creature
who can't even look at herself in the mirror without crying
Seeing what she's become all she can think about is dying
But in our minds she's flying over the city like some sort of hero
The reason isn't so clear though
She hasn't eaten in days to make herself presentable
But to me she was already beautiful
You've thrown lies into her head
That she has to be this weight
and this height and she can't read books or get good grades
because if she does then she won't ever get laid
And then she'll never know how it goes when the lights turn down low
and all she'll ever be is an outcast
But trust me honey that won't last
I know you have to live in the present
But you've got to think about your future
and how short shorts aren't always going to be good for you
How the pretty face will soon fade away
and how one day
It'll all be okay

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