It”s like

There is never anyone perfect everyone has a scar , someone has had a moment with a dent in there heart , But if you don't show your emotion your just putting up a mask , it's like killing yourself slowly drinking water from a half glass , It's like buying a canvas holding back the beauty , Its like putting on a crown not knowing who you are truly , Its like using words that have no meaning use them before you explode revealing, Your true identity you won't no what life is you be stuck in a whole if someone's else's choices , Its a volcano erupting using all the lava and getting feuded by all the drama , its like telling yourself your perfect , when your true self deserves to be set free , Before you hold your self captive any longer and never find a true masterpiece. This is A poem by :Erielle Yvonne Marie Norris Called A True Masterpiece.

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