It’s Never Too Late to be Thankful

In a spinning world of progression, holidays keep us centered.
Drawing us from our routine, reminding us of all that’s been rendered.
Whether it’s family, religion, peace, or a public celebration,
We take time every year, to honor with a personal observation.
Thanksgiving is a day, where people travel across the nation.
Moving purposefully amongst each other, like an endless migration.
It’s easy to forget, why we go through all the trouble,
Dealing with the traffic, the congestion, the hustle and bustle.
The goal is at the end of the journey, when that familiar door opens,
To smiling faces, deep embraces, and a tapestry of warm emotions.
For some, this might be, a bitter sweet moment held in the past,
Having lost loved ones, friends, wishing the happiness would last.
But even those who are saddened, by the reminder of absent members
Can still find hope and powerful purpose, for why we still remember.
It’s the tiny, subconscious, often unnoticeable interactions,
Creating wealth for the soul, such small continuous transactions.
The currency is love, an endless amount that can be collected,
For those would truly give it, in return nothings expected.
Celebrate those around you, those who share our time and our laughter,
It shouldn’t be through our loss, we see the people who truly matter.
Whether you believe in a paradise, or nothing exists for us after,
We can all agree, it’s how we live here that plays the biggest factor.

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