It’s not easy

It's not easy, this path we tread
But just because it's hard
Doesn't mean we can't move forward
And play our own small part

Life throws challenges our way
And tests us to the core
But in the face of adversity
We find strength to endure

The road may be long and winding
The climb may be steep and high
But with determination in our hearts
We reach for the endless sky

So let's push through the doubt and fear
And confront the battles ahead
For being strong doesn't mean it's easy
But we'll rise above instead

With courage as our guiding light
And persistence as our creed
We'll conquer every obstacle
And succeed in every deed

So don't lose hope when times get tough
And don't give in to despair
For being doesn't mean you can't achieve
Just keep pushing, the end is near.

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  1. Jyost

    Thank you for sharing this!

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