It’s Not Easy Being a Cowboy

Four o'clock my alarm goes off,
There's always work to do,
Once again got a nasty cough,
But I do it all for you.

I wander down the endless stairs,
The roofs leakin' again,
If it weren't for you I wouldn't care,
Oh you keep me sane.

I grab my axe in discontent,
Another pig has to go,
The only way to pay the rent,
Oh I wish it wasn't so.

That nasty drought has killed my crops,
I'm out of things to sell,
My cheerful whistling has finally stopped,
I must wish my love farewell.

My love, my life, my Willow,
You were such a good horse to me,
But no one wants a horse so slow,
I'm forced to sell you as meat.

Days on days at his barbershop,
My father gave up so much,
If his heart were beating his heart would stop,
To see you end as such.

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