It’s Not Okay

You gave your love and devotion,
till that moment happened and changed your emotion.
It hurt so bad inside and out,
kinda hoped he would just scream and shout.
The heartache, bruises, and tears
will stay with you for all your years.
The shock and disbelief that he did this to you
makes you feel disappointed and confused;
you weren't expecting to be abused.
It's okay, not your fault, you did nothing wrong.
Lift your head up and be strong.
I'm sorry will come and sound sincere,
but he will do it again my dear.
Move on and live your life;
he doesn't deserve you for his wife.
The pieces seem so many to put back together,
but trust me it does get better.
Wipe those tears away, do you
and move on for a better day.
It's not okay.

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