It's Official The World's A Mess

Losers, winners, lovers alike, it's proof is in the pudding.
Their performances, you'll pay plenty if you ever want to see it.
A huge mess of hustling & shuffling of people on a regular basis.
To see what? An atmospheric charade of fun that's coming soon, like the Greatest show on earth?
Life's naturally beautiful when little boys evolve into men & all little girls into women.
A circle of life that keeps going & going like a nonstop merry-go-round.
From the prettiest to the most handsomest, their perfect future's is what it is.
Some live in the fast lane, while most in the bright lights & cameras, their high profile names that's turn out to be worth millions.
From men like Valentino to Rockefeller from Elizabeth Taylor to Ann Margaret.
All their expensive things & the many lovers they had.
But women will be women & men will be men.
The rat race to pay to get something done, makes no sense & just sounds absolutely ridiculous.
But many want to be treated like kings & queens, served from silver platters in castles.
Building & perfecting their bodies to be well oil machines.
Only later the pressure to get that sickly thin look.
Still the world loves a winner & can't seem to get enough of it, making the crowds go wild when they're ahead but as long as they're winning.
Unfortunately for most won't get a second chance & worst, we have enough world leaders to take the credit for that.
So the real craziness of it all is, giving it all up a second too soon & losing everything that you've already won.

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This Poems Story

The World we live in today seems both beautiful but at the same time the worst chaotic mess ever.