It’s Only Fair to Warn You

I know you feel like i won't give you a chance.
You look my way, I barely give you a second glance.
Trust isn't something that's easy for me.
I've been thrown overboard, swept out to sea.
But it made me strong, and i learned to swim.
Drifting in the ocean, even a beautiful sunset looked grim.
Floating for miles in icy waters is not something I chose.
The cold darkness seeped in and my heart quickly froze.
If your patient, one day my icy heart may thaw.
But my thoughts and emotions will still be so raw
There will always be parts of me that simply can't be healed
and I'll probably have secrets that will be forever sealed.
If this a ladder you still wish to climb,
remember I warned you I'm just a waste of your time.
It's not that I could be true.
It's hard to explain, I don't even know where to begin.
No words can describe the state I'm in.
Self hated and bitterness cut of my air.
Bringing you into this darkness just wouldn't be fair.
I can tell that you have such a loving heart,
and caring you seem to have down to an art.
I hate seeing the disappointment on your face,
but it's only fair to warn you my hearts in the wrong place.

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