It’s Raining in My Heart

My hubby called, from the hospital, better, far from coming home
I sung him a meaningful song and told him, this is how I feel
He was so touched, he almost cried, and our tears blend together
The loneliness torches my soul, puts me into unforgettable pain
It's so hard to cover it up, so deep, in my weeping heart
Plaster a smile, on my face, that just isn't felt
And, joke around, like there is no tomorrow
The silent screams, the unshed tears, that I never allow to form
So tired, from never taking a break, even when I should be sleeping,
From the falling sun, until the sun rises, to create a new dawn
So wide awake, who knows when I will kiss the pillow
Feeling very quiet, but, at the same time, peppy
So full of life, I could run a marathon
My gloomy room not as dark as my heart and shattered in many pieces
Too many pieces are missing, I just can't put it back together
Honey, I love you! I love you, more than I did yesterday
More than fish need water
Your essence is all around me, I feel your presence all about me
I reach out, for you, there's nothing to reach for but thin air
I call out your name, not a sound, not even an echo
Wish I could look over my shoulder and see you standing there
For just one more hug and a kiss
In desperation, I need to hear you say: I love you, one more time
Baby, I will love you, forever and you will always have my heart
I love you, with hugs and kisses, nonstop, loving you, loving me!

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