Its Still What I Fear

By nikkime   

November 28th, A night edged in 14 stones,
If only we had known.
If only a warning,
That some won't see morning!
Lives could of been spared,
If news of these fires were shared!
Homes burnt and people died,
If only you wouldn't of lied!
You ignored our cry!
Left us to die!
I can still smell the smoke from the night!
Can you, even say what you did was right?
Could you hold your babies while y'all die? Listen carefully and you can still hear their cry!
We wiped away tears!
Just to find out our fears!
Now you say we are mountain strong.
No, I say your mountain wrong!
I'm not saying you conspired!
What I'm saying, is you should be fired!
As the 1 year mark, is now here!
That fire, is still what I fear!

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This Poems Story

November 28, 2016. The town of Gatlinburg Tennessee's Residents came to find out that a fire that our mayor and city hall kept secret for 5 days is out of control and without an evacuation we were running for our lives .15 died and 5.5 billion dollars in damages. And later found out that our mayor evacuated his family without evacuating us. All could of been prevented if he did his job.