It's Strange. I'm Broken.

It's strange. I'm broken. No longer fixed.
The clock inside me no longer ticks.
My eyes are red near the end of the day.
How and why did I end up this way?
My patience is short, my anger is quick.
I do not think twice before I lose it.
I'm beginning to give up, though I love half my life.
I'm starting to doubt after all this strife.
My mind is now weak, my confidence thin.
I might as well start all over again.
It's hard to smile when I feel others' hate.
And though I do not want it, my reactions shape my fate.
I'm starting to fail. I can't help but give in.
My mind no longer shuts out the everyday din.
It crowds my mind, sending me deeper down.
My mind around noise is now fatefully bound.
I used to be fixed. My music box sang.
I used to tell jokes. My laugh around rang.
It's strange. That girl disappeared so fast.
So take me back, change me back to that girl of the past.

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Take me back, change me back