It’s The Owl Who

Knock, knock
who's there at this time on my clock.
It's me the owl "Who" did knock,
the owl who did what tell me now or stop?
I went to the tree and saw a flying bee and I introduced myself,
it is me, "Who" did you see my feathers feathering.
The bee kept buzzing bye saying no and he said bye with a why
so I came to your log and saw no hopping frogs and I wondered why.
Could you be inside sleeping or trying to hide,
Knock, knock,
who's there I said.
I told you I'm the owl Who, did knock
what's the deal about the time on your clock,
I said tell me who you are,
well I am Who, told you
How dare you answer me with a question
did you at all hear my protesting,
Ok, now I have a question,
you Owl who did not hear me, how dare you answer me with a question!
I just wanted to know did you see my cousin Go?
I am in my log I did not see anyone go!
Knock, knock
If you did not see any frogs hopping I did not see anyone go,
who you are, I do not know,
Well let me introduce myself my name is Who, did you see my cousin Go?

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