It's There

Hope. Sometimes, it feels gone.
Lost in the sorrows and hiding in the hatred,
Needing to get through.
But life throws a challenge,
And sometimes everything just stops-
Including you.
Everything seems to be falling.
There's nothing to grab,
And no one comes when you call.
All that's left is to give up,
Throw everything away and lay back.
Ignore the achievements and what you gave your all.
But don't quit.
Throw your arms up instead.
It's all there in front, just see.
Stare out beyond what just"seems,"
And pray to the Lord and seek.
Ignore the pain and fall on your knees.
Love, sometimes it runs low-
Friends move away, and the family parts,
But it's still there.
Waiting to be grabbed.
The Lord never leaves,
And His love is always in the air.

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