It’s Time

At fourteen, I walked through the doors, so small and insecure
Only knowing what I'd heard in stories
Is this school for me? How could I be so sure?

Freshman year is spent getting lost and trying to find my way
Not sure of my place in a colorful maze of hallways

The next year comes and I think I'm all that
Bossing the freshmen around, finding lots of boys to look at

Then I'm a junior, I'm excited, there's not one thing I hate
Mature in the halls, my confidence is high-I went on my very first date

That year I realized I was affecting my future day-by-day
Decisions and choices, stressful schoolwork always in the way

Senior year is here, there's resolutions I have to make
Spend lots of time with family, for my own sake
Earn straight As for good grades are never "uncool"
And how can I forget: be accepted into my dream school!
I can't say I'll create a new atom bomb
But I can say I hope I find a date to the prom
My final promise is to help my community in every way I know
And pray that this year goes by very slow

Sooner or later it will be graduation day
I will surely see my mother and father grinning
Because high school may be over
But my life is just beginning

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