Its time

Its time to move forward of what greatness lies ahead
There should be no looking back in the past for it is dead

Its time to cherish every moment in life to the fullest
So ignore and overcome the hard times which are the cruelest

Its time to love one another even if they did you wrong
Never hold grudges in your heart for so long

Its time to let go of what's tearing you apart
Even if you do piece by piece at least that's a start

Its time soar high.. Remember the sky is the limit
If you want it you can have it, but you gotta work hard to get it

Its time to be around those who really care & show support
No time for games, or bullshit of some sort

Its time to stay strong even if you're alone
They will see potential & motivation as you've grown

Its time to give your kids everything you can
Not just materialistic things but what they need to understand

Its time to learn now that tomorrow is not guaranteed
So take baby steps in life, but be aware if you speed

Nicole Taylor

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