It’s Time to Listen

It’s time to listen to the quiet ones
those who have silently held their space and their wisdom
While all around are losing theirs, it’s time to hear their voice.
It’s time to listen to the children for their eyes are pure.
They can feel the way as innocence shines through.
It’s time to listen to the sensitive ones,
The artists, misfits, introverts and musicians,
For they are in touch with a better way.
Those who did not fit the old way
Shall be the cornerstones for the building of a new world,
A new way of thinking and being and loving.
It’s time to listen to the silence,
For it sings wonders of wisdom with wings of gold.
Then we can hear tomorrow when we are empty of yesterday,
With fresh ears. Then we have a new today.
We can hear the spirit breathe upon the face of the waters
If we are very still and quiet.
If we are quiet we can learn and reflect the universe.
If we pay attention we will learn and not repeat our mistakes.
If we don’t follow our thoughts
we can hear the universe speak in everything we see.
It’s time to listen…

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