It’s Time

By Da Poet   

Have you ever felt that time has been lost?
Idle thoughts not placed in action cost.
Frozen, paralyzed by the physiological, psychological dismay,
the chains and shackles of one’s mind and body, bound not free.

Step out on faith, take a chance make a move,
live life now, it’s far better to fail,
than to regret the time you'll loose.

Don’t allow obstacles to be a mental block that hinder your way,
focused eyes on the prize will be your drive, goal in sight seize the day.
That which has passed is gone you still have nothing to loose,
and it doesn’t matter how old you are, if you’re still breathing,
it’s life you should choose.

Don’t arrive at the end of your days full of regrets,
it’s time to make a move the best is yet to come,
on your mark get set, let’s go it’s time,
leave no stone unturned undiscovered treasures to find.


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