It’s Too Late

He pulls me aside to talk to me,
He says to me he's changed.

He says he wants me in his life again,
He says that his heart aches.

But all he's done is lie to me,
All the broken promises he's made.

So why should I trust him now?
My life is not a game.

I now have a daughter without a father
And everything is happening all the same.

She gets excited, then she cries
And her father is the one to blame.

She longs for that bond, that love, that relationship,
But that will all fade away some day.

For she will grow cold and numb to his existence,
By then it will be too late.

Your supposed to forgive and forget,
But life doesn't seem to play out that way.

I feel like he's had his chance
And I shouldn't have had to wait.

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