It’s too late, but…

I finally realize, but it's too late,
thinking where I got wrong as you enter your grave.
Maybe our fights were not worth fighting,
wish I never had to say this in writing,
but messed it up, as I see you leaving,
you aren't there, but I feel you breathing.
Now there's immense grief while I apologise,
maybe this apology, can help you rest in paradise.
Such were my mistakes, no less of a curse,
reliving your end without me, when you were with nurse.
Buried my head shamefully, you were asking for me,
I was strong yelling at you, now I am totally weak.
Now days without you hurt me with much depth,
with my actions, turned this into a lifelong regret.
Now your scoldings look like evident teachings,
those lessons you taught is what I am preaching.
Today I think how valuable people are,
I feel for those I threw a verbal scar,
now I understand that nothing is forever,
let time be spent well, before it's a lost treasure.

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