It's Up to You

In one moment everything has become so different
Close friends are now so distant
And the ones I never thought I could find are by my side
I believe it is a sign.
God smiled and gave me something one of a kind
I know this because he gave me you
He tested us by giving us everything we have gone through
Nothing has changed and that should prove something
But we haven't finished, until the test of someone else comes
You have fallen in love and it kills me to know this
I see what is going on and you feel complete bliss
I want to tell you it is a lie, but how can I do that
Any chance of me ever having those feelings fell flat
But when I see you I wish it weren't true
We are losing something that people spend a lifetime trying to find
A perfect friendship...soon to be gone
I know you don't know what to do now because you can't have us both
This is when the true question will come
Do you keep your best friend or a girl who you think is the one
There are sayings that go along with this issue
But I won't say them, in case I would offend you
I know who I would choose and this has nothing to do with me
But as long as you're happy
That is all I want for you
I have told you this before and I hope you know this
I don't want you to forget me, but I'd rather you have bliss
I hope you don't forget your best friend because of one girl's kiss.

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