It’s you, not me!

The tears fell down my face as I read what you felt
The words I was reading were no longer mine
The words I was reading now belonged to her
The words I was reading, were as if you carved my heart out of me
and stomped on it for days
We used to be able to hug for days
Kiss for days
Stare in each other’s eyes for days
But now you insist we’re different
You insist I am not trying hard enough
You insisted day in and day out,
but now I see
You were forcing the blame on me because you were at fault
You couldn’t be honest so you lied and blamed me
It’s you!
It’s you!
It’s you!
He'd say constantly
But now I say to you,
It’s you, not me!
I gave you all I could and tried my absolute hardest
Through thick and thin I gave you my whole mind and soul
So don’t you dare blame me!
You’re the culprit
I only ever stood by you through everything and never once wavered
I love you and I always will
No matter what you feel,
about me,
about her,
or about anything
I’ll always love you
Even if it is me and not you

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