It's You

I was never meant to fall for him;
I was the freak while he was the god.
He entertained me just for a while
Told me that he loved me and made me smile.
He let me think that I was worth it
But he broke me down and tore me apart.
Told me it was just a game
To see how he can break my papier-mâché heart.
I laughed it off, told him it was fine
But I felt as useless as a dime.
My heart was broken and ripped away
And then I knew, he had a price to pay.
When he came near, I'd smile and wave
Because I knew he had dug his grave.
I loved him so, my heart for him,
But how can a fragile girl continue to walk in a world so dim
Without a bit of payback for sin so rude?
I was for entertainment, his stupid clown,
Only there to be put down.
But now it's over and he's gone
And no one knows what I have done.
I'll hide my sin in a chest,
And unleash my demons when I lay at rest.

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This Poems Story

This idea came to me in a dream. Most of my dreams I don't remember, but the ones I do, become my inspiration. Everything about lucid dreaming inspires me to write what could've been someone else's story. There's something beautiful about being asleep and away from a life you lead, just to join another one when you close your eyes. Dreams can be surreal or completely normal; it's a place where you're completely ethereal or awkward and uncanny. But, since you made up those people in that state, they'd accept you no matter what you do or say.