Its your time to shine

By chantsy   

It's time for you to shine,
leave the past behind,
be kind to yourself, if walking is all you can do,
lay your weary head dear, I'll be close or near,
it's okay to hold some fear,
I'll hold your hand and show you I truly care,
you may feel like your soul is bare,
that your feelings are so far gone,
I'll reel you in, if you caught the bait,
living your best life,
change hate into love, you will grow,
it goes to show what you can do,
when you let someone help you,
It's okay to feel weak,
it's okay to let those tears weep,
it's okay because I'll protect you,
hold your hand while you sleep,
your love I will treasure and keep.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about learning to let go off things that you no longer need to hold onto. It\'s about being there for someone not only at their lowest but there highs aswel