I've Been Replaced by Google

"You've been replaced by Google!"
I was informed last week
By third, and youngest, Dougal
My future's looking bleak

No more the fount of knowledge
To my offspring I will be
As I see them off to college
Their computers on their knee

Oh, the questions they would ask me
Their faces close to mine
As we snuggled up at bedtime
For those days I often pine

"What makes cupcakes so yummy?"
"Why is the sky so blue?"
"Where is a whale's tummy?"
"How does a robot poo?"

Yes, I've been replaced by Google
The answers all are there
The need for words so frugal
As at their screens they stare

So how does that make me feel?
A one word answer: dumb
But here, at last, a question!
"So what's for dinner, Mum?"

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