I’ve Felt

I've felt the need to cry, and scream to the world.
I've felt it a millions times.
I've felt the weight of the world on my shoulders.
Yet I stood taller than a tree.
I've had the hands of the ones I've loved upon my cheek.
Still I watch over them like a angel does to me.
I've felt the sting of words shatter my resolve.
I remain here though, even against your gossip.
I've heard the screams,
and moans of those who are ten times less fortunate than me.
Yet, here I am still complaining.
I've felt love and the heart of it.
Still I search for it.
I've cursed those who have done wrong to me.
And yet I harness complete gratitude for their existence.
I have felt the bonds of humanity round my being.
But here I stand still like I am more than a Queen,
far more than a king.
I have felt this all,and here I stand like a great mountain.
For am a being without limits.

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