I’ve Never Seen the Wind

I've never seen the wind, and yet I know 'tis there.
For I've seen it billow canvas sail. felt it dry a tear.
I've smelled the fragrance borne on the breeze
of summer's flowers, blue days and fair.
I've never seen the wind and yet I know 'tis there.

I've never seen mine heart and yet I know 'tis true
to love without regret returns tenfold to you.
I've felt it swell with pride when martial music feels the air.
I've never seen my heart, and yet I know 'tis there.

I've yet to feel the sting of death nor sweet oblivion,
yet to face the end of life which must surely come.
I've yet to fully fathom the fear of ensuing night.
But why should God create the darkness
if not to accentuate the light?

For unseen forces surround us to which our lives hold sway.
And so accept we must by faith each step along life's way.

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This Poems Story

I consider myself to be a spiritual person on a journey of discovery. And what greater discovery than the faith that sleeps within? Once that faith is awakened your soul will shine on all and illuminate the path of those who have but the eyes to see, thereby helping them on their journeys of discovery as well.