I’ve Seen a Red Rose Turn Blue

I've seen a desert flooded without rain,
a woman yelling yet not insane.
In the autumn with red roses and bushes fully grown,
you see a man caught and stuck, only in his own,
coughing, snorting stuck with the flu,
I've seen a red rose turn blue.

His innocence, his pain, his triumph, and desire,
this man in search for some place higher,
climbing the staircase late 12:00 at night,
a woman goes crazy this Saturday night,
leaving the old man aloof, high in the air,
shouting for a savior, no one to hear,
he jumps out of pain, nothing to refrain this old man's remorse...

Seeing dead lie in front of her, no more screaming this night,
only her broken heart saddened with fright,
leaving something new,
I've seen a red rose turn blue.

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This Poems Story

This poem is dedicated to my loved cousin Marcel James. No one has suffered the way he has but it's not about what you go through; it's all about how you go through it. Amen.