I know I said our timing was bad,
but I think I'd like to take that back
Maybe what's become of what was is what's needed
and here it is:
My hand to hold while you're battered.
Because people don't stay broken.
You my dear, are so beautifully making a life out of
your pieces,
And I would like to hang out in bed and eat pizza together.
How do I say how much I want this.
The literal ache is confounding me.
How did I let things sink so deep?
Because underwater tea parties
are only supposed to last to the count of three.
And now I'm drowning slowly,
Wishing all the things I want to tell you,
didn't feel like air bubbles.
Frivolous and floating away.
But then again self: you're scuba certified so strap on a tank,
Feel everything you need to. Oxygen clean through the hose.
Heart beat skip beat breath beat
Are you ready?
I am on a tightrope between flying solo across the Atlantic,
And wanting to lie in bed and watch you wake up for
weeks on end.
The difference between you and me
is not that you're heart broken and I'm not,
It's that I thought our pieces would make a nice mosaic.

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