I stare at her for a very long time""a face of beauty, vanity, crime
her gangly fingers curling about
a magnificent jaw bone's merciless pout
I notice a jade there on her hand,
her neck adorned with a long gold strand
shadows around her create perfection,
striking across her face and pale complexion
her shallow brown eyes cry of self love
as regal eyebrows arch from above
she exudes sensuality and mutual brutality
a wicked strong sneer, as sweet as it is severe
she wears a stifling perfume and a cold atmosphere fills the room
her black hair loops over a sharp collarbone
dim light, through its parted ends, shone
she spoke in a low voice, could hardly be heard,
her artful meaning nearly blurred
she appeared to be blushing a deep crimson red
when in reality it was her heart that bled
she a narcissist, an unkind creature
one who appears to be gentle, demure
this woman is not insecure or in doubt
she is lacking in nothing, rarely without
I create this woman out of thin air""
her high strung habits and haughty stare
she is not any acquaintance of mine, a mere image who came to mind
nor is she a woman I care to see""to meet her is a hope not to be.

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