Jaded Blue

Do you remember what it was?
before the night became our luck
before everything we had was Jaded Blue

I know we never meant to leave
but my thoughts cannot reprieve
the love I had
the things we'd do

What if I said I never knew?
What if I said the world was spinning on an axel made for you?
I drew a line but could never try
'cause every time I saw your eyes look into mine I swore I knew

I saw you
and I watched though I knew better
every time we said forever
thinking we'd grow old together

Jaded blue
yet my heart falls like a feather
drifting down on seats of leather
where I put my thoughts in letters

Do you remember?

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Key Words : Blue, remember

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This Poems Story

Love is over, but is never truly gone. Do you remember the way that I do?